Ancient Passage, 2014

Oil on Linen
27" x 38"
Framed Dimensions 35.5" x 46.5"


National Park: Grand Canyon National Park

Description: I have spent the last three decades working in the Grand Canyon, both up on the rims and down along the Colorado river corridor that snakes its way through the oldest rock strata in the world. One of the premier experiences for river runners is the anticipation of discovery that lies around the next bend. The world of the Inner Gorge, where sheer rock walls over two billion years in age rise to incredible heights, is a magical one indeed. But it can also be a dark and ominous passage that requires facing some of the most challenging rapids on earth.  While fear is omnipresent it can just as easily be banished by wonderment found in pristine moments of exquisite beauty. “Ancient Passage” chronicles such a moment, where just a mile downriver the cascading sun allures explorers with the promise of a warm, dry passage that will relieve the wet and cold discomfort of the rapids.