Debra Reid Jenkins

Campfire Time

Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
Framed Dimensions 30" x 30"

Patterns and light are the elements in nature that compel me to try and capture images with oil paint on canvas.  At the shoreline of Lake Michigan the possibilities of new combinations present themselves on a daily basis year round.

In my painting Campfire Time I use the combination of design and illusion of a physical reality to bring an emotive content to my subject.  More important to me than “freeze framing” moments in time like a photograph,  I am hoping to convey a sense of being there.  To achieve this I depend on the physical qualities of oil paint to suggest reality rather than rendering it in exact detail.  In this process many layers of paint are involved with different color combinations and varying thickness of paint.  I am always interested in paint “being” paint and how the viewer’s mind connects with the subject.  This very mysterious quality is what makes the interaction with the physical presence of art so enjoyable.