Glory Morning

Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 36"

National Park: Ocala National Forest, Blue Springs, Florida

These intensely personal meditations result in metaphors of expansive color, expressive brushwork and fleeting glimpses of imagery that draw the viewer into conversation. I like to consider qualities not found in things but between things, and the natural elements in Florida inspire me to express the beauty found in the subtlest of forms.  The horizon is a place in the distance, but I’m focused on the interplay between chaos and order, between color and shape. I look for uncommitted space and nature’s breathtaking disorder, her unconfined composition, her unapologetic patterns – evasive, yet clearly, perfect.


My desire to explore the perfection of nature is a journey of continual discovery.  I hope to continue to explore without interfering or forcing an outcome – to continue to wrestle with beauty and its meaning – and to not get too awestruck to enjoy life along the way.