Red Rock Canyon

Oil on Canvas
12" x 16"
Framed Dimensions 14.25" x 18.25"

Red Rock Canyon State Park, California


Painted in California’s Red Rock Canyon State Park from a view spot that unveiled distance along with closer red rock formations, this painting became a thick and juicy study in paint quality. We like to camp here and I’m grateful for a partner who loves to cook so I can paint!  Red Rock Canyon is quiet during the day and I delight in having this landscape all to myself.  I paint with great heart in the wild desert. 


High Desert compositions are horizontal instead of vertical like in Yosemite and the juxtapositions of subtle lines excite the designer in me.  The color in this painting represents my delight and a wild adventure and in my being a human part of nature.  It’s about the paint quality itself. My works are full of texture, heavy impasto oil paint. This painting is like a sculpture in a way. A little cold wax mixed into paint doesn’t hurt either.